How To Be More Confident With These Easy Habits

How To Build Confidence In A few Easy Steps

In order to have a Charisma personality, one needs to have confidence.

Even the most confident characters and public figures suffer from low self esteem and a lack of confidence from time to time. Unfortunately, the all important quality of a great leader is a mindset that can be difficult to keep ahold of when things seem to be getting out of control.

But just like any art, the steps of how to be more confident requires frequent practice and daily challenges. Indeed, those who exhibit huge quantities confidence have often had their confidence shaken harder than most of us and have learned how to survive.

So, how to build confidence? The following are some important habits that can be practiced daily that will aid you to build confidence.

1. Act Confident

Confidence must be ‘worn on the sleeve’; a huge part of this is considering the kind of body language you are describing yourself with. Does your posture, stance and gait speak of a person ready to command the situation, or does it allude to inner feelings of inadequacy?

Making this conscious effort to act and appear as if you are in control and collected, even when the barbarians are literally climbing the walls, is the mark of a true leader. Not only will you command the attention and admiration of those around you, but you might even convince yourself that you are capable of far more than you ever thought possible.

2. Dress Confidently

Humans are a visual breed, and nothing perfects a confident appearance than dressing the part. The benefits are not only exterior, choosing clothing that fits, matches and is well suited to your work and play improves the self image and performance of an individual, allowing for improved mental and physical function.

But then, prepare for the extra attention that comes with a sharp look, people are attracted to those with style and flare and this can be used to engage people and start conversations, which leads us to….

3. Speaking with Confidence

It would do no good looking and acting the part, if your self esteem can’t survive the most basic of human interactions, speech. Listen to a confident speaker at some point, hear the way they carry their tone with rhythm and purpose.

Confidence in speaking is not about being loud, aggressive or even emphatic. It is about presenting your thoughts and ideas in a way that give them value, denoting the quality of reason and sound logic behind your perspective and opinions.

Adopt an assertive tone that does not vary in pitch or volume; avoid interrupting the rhythm of your cadence with “ers’ or “ums — use pauses in your speech to emphasize important points. After a while you will soon understand and appreciate a new level of self confidence as you notice you are listened to with greater attention and respect.

4. Adopt the Confident Mindset

It is easy to be thrown about by circumstance when confidence is nothing but a fleeting mindset you have no control over. Low self esteem would have you think so. Once you have cultivated a confident mindset, you will find it much easier to adopt a better attitude at a moment’s notice.

You will notice that positivity is the element that completes the transformation. Positivity opens up your eyes to new possibilities that would be invisible to a negative mindset. Keeping a ‘gratitude’ journal, to remind yourself what a privilege it is to be you and alive now to face these challenges, is a great way to keep your self tuned to a positive channel.

The Final Point —Take Action

Finally, you will need to do something about it. Practice is a large part of how to buid confidence. As an exercise, try making a list of your ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’. Many people would begin to tackle their ‘weaknesses’ list and make every effort to improve them, but this is just a recipe for discouragement.

It would be far more encouraging to focus on fine tuning and building on your strengths, to build confidence, until you love yourself enough to address your weaknesses without taking them too seriously. Take this path of how to be more confident, and you will surely have a more charismatic personality.